Over 100 Years of Quality Craftsmanship

For well over 100 years, JV Haring has been providing our clients with the highest quality products. We are a leading supplier of unique commemorative displays, recognition of accomplishments and awards.

Being craftsmen for over a century has allowed us to master our craft. We offer high quality work at a reasonable price. We will work within each client’s budget to create the most unique and beautiful award.


A handcrafted scroll is a magnificent and unique way to recognize a special person or event. Our staff of skilled calligraphers carefully execute each scroll; making the scroll a “one-of-a-kind” impressive tribute. Every scroll is hand-lettered in calligraphy, embellished in colors, gold or silver. We offer several styles of calligraphy from traditional to modern. Additionally, each scroll can have adornments of flowers or bars, as well as personalized artwork and logos.


The possibilities are endless for your certificate. Whatever ideas or requests you may have – our highly skilled art department can handle it. Whether you are a company, a learning institution, or an individual, your needs will be met and the end result will be unparalleled.

We offer a full range of printing, die stamping, and engraving services. Our expert staff will work with you to create a diploma that represents the prestige and uniqueness of your institution and graduates.

Academic Recognition

JV Haring creates and produces unique and distinguished awards that will match the prestige of any academic institution. Let us create the perfect award for all your special presentations. Whether you require an achievement award for a beloved faculty member, an honorary degree for a distinguished guest or an acknowledgement of gratitude to a generous donor, JV Haring will create a distinctive presentation.

Frames- Plaques- Folders

To finish your product, our in-house workshop manufactures custom frames, laminated plaques with a gold-beveled edge, leather albums or leatherette folders.