At JV Haring, we pride ourselves on our customer service. Our professionally trained staff will work with you from design to print without enduring the significant cost of using a graphic designer. Because all of our work is done in-house without the additional cost of outsourcing, we offer very competitive pricing.

JV Haring offers a unique service; combining digitally printed certificates or diplomas with hand-lettered features. The end result is a beautiful and elegant certificate. To further accentuate your certificates and diplomas, we offer foil embossed or blind embossed medallions, as well as engraved seals or logos.

Many larger institutions require printed diplomas without a hand-lettered feature. At JV Haring, our expert staff will work with you to create a diploma that represents the prestige of your institution and graduates.

At JV Haring, we’re determined to not only deliver you the best product we can but we also set out to ensure that longevity of that product. We want your certificate to last the long haul and with our methods of preservation, you’ll have a certificate or diploma that you can enjoy for many years.

We offer a variety of diploma covers and have the ability to die stamp your institutions logo, seal or name clearly on every cover.

Framing or laminating on wood in plaque form is also available. Discounts for frames and plaques are offered for large orders.