Hand Made Scrolls

JV Haring has been producing handcrafted scrolls for well over a century. Our in-house staff of artists, using traditional hand-calligraphy and adornment, produces all scrolls with the utmost attention to detail. Each resultant scroll is one of matchless beauty that reflects the prestige of your organization. As our scrolls are works of art, recipients will want to prominently display their award.

Every scroll is hand-lettered in calligraphy, embellished in colors, gold or silver. We offer several types of calligraphy from traditional to modern, to fit your style. Additionally, each scroll can have adornments of flowers or bars, as well as personalized artwork or logos.

JV Haring takes pride in providing our clients with the highest quality products at competitive prices. We will work within each client’s budget and deadline to create a unique and beautiful award.